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The Mayson Blackhouse Ethic

Mayson Blackhouse Guyana strives to create a culture in which business is executed with excellence and the highest ethical standard of corporate conduct. This starts with compliance with all applicable laws, local and international, but extends to include our adherence to voluntary principles on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Though Mayson Blackhouse is not a formal signatory to the UN Global Compact, the values are represented in our company guidelines, standards and culture.

We are a performance-driven organization but how we achieve results is as important as the outcome. Team members who achieve results at the cost of violation of the law or who deal unscrupulously will not be tolerated. Every member of our organization understands the individual role she plays to uphold our collective integrity.

The philosophy that is passed down to every portfolio company is to not merely create measurable value in the short term, but also to invest in the future of Guyana, through local capacity building and social development. Oil and gas is a burgeoning local industry. We are committed to creating jobs for Guyanese citizens, investing in training programs and attracting global investors to create a sustainable and locally integrated industry.

Our management encourages an open work environment in which employees are free to ask questions, voice concerns, and make appropriate suggestions regarding the business practices of the organization.

We create business relationships with people we trust and conduct all transactions with transparency and faithful record-keeping.

Organizations That Inspire Us

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A letter from our Board of Directors:

We know that doing business in an increasingly complex world entails thoughtful practices and careful consideration of a variety of factors that impact the global market. How people are treated matters. How we engage with the local economy matters. The environmental impact/footprint we leave behind matters. We strive to conduct ourselves with excellence in each of these spheres. We must act with honesty, sincerity and with the intent to invest positively in the people and environment around us.

We expect our team members and partners to conduct themselves respectfully and with integrity. Duplicitous dealings and dishonesty are not tolerated. We know we are judged by our words and our actions, so we speak truthfully and act honestly. We know that companies are made of people, so we help our people thrive. We know that business is based on relationships, so we nurture our relationships with respect and transparency.

We aim to create a company whose reputation for upright conduct and honest dealings will be known throughout the industry.

Qaasim O. B. Shittu
Board of Directors